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Coral Artefact materials

CCA , our carbon-free “concrete”

CCA1 (patent pending)

Existing artificial reefs are largely made of concrete, a mixture of cement and sand. Sand often comes from the seabed. Furthermore, cement production is the one that releases the most CO2 in the world.

By replacing these raw materials with carbon-free cement (HOFFMAN) and crushed shellfish from recycling, we obtain a new generation concrete that meets the challenges of our time.

CCA2 (exclusivity contract with our partner)

Concrete is still one of the most used materials in the production of long-lasting works, contributing to the degradation of our environment.

Jérémy Gobé has developed with his partner (WEBER-SAINT GOBAIN) a second formula with less than 8% of traditional cement and usable in projection, molding or even stamped facade coating.

BCA, our biopolymer

BC A1 (patented)

So that no toxic material comes into direct contact with the coral, coral artefact develops its own material, a biopolymer from marine bacteria (POLYMARIS) collected, reproduced and transformed in Brittany. By incorporating extracts of natural elements promoting the development of corals (CODIF), this material has become the most compatible on the market with this animal and its environment.

BC A2 (patented)

The extraction of natural extracts integrated into the formula of our BC A1 induces an organic residue which is usually thrown away. We have developed a second formula based on the same marine bacteria but by integrating this organic waste compatible with the natural environment and more particularly the marine environment.


Our users have also noticed an antifouling effect , superior and faster growth as well as stronger cuttings than with usual supports and glues.

Corail Artefact solutions

Cutting kit

The problem

Coral cuttings are usually done with plastic or concrete supports and toxic adhesive agents.

Our solution

Jérémy Gobé has developed a set of cutting tools   eliminating all the usual harmful elements.

An intelligent design and an ecological material for simplified use and suitable for all types of cuttings for corals not contaminated by the usual toxic substances.

Content and details

. Rings for soft and/or leafy corals

. Valves for branching corals

. Corollas for all types of corals

(several diameters and lengths available)

> in BC A 1

and our +:

. Multifunction support

(cutting rest, brush, support for supports and tools, etc.)

. Alligator clips and flexible

> in BC A 2

NB: cutting pliers not supplied