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1. régénérer



the coal reefs

Action carried by:

Corail Artefact Science et Technology

▲ Support by :

Corail Artefact Art & Design

Corail Artefact Endowment Fund

Deploy our technologies in areas to be restored, secure populations and reduce the carbon footprint.


Using innovative materials, develop global solutions to restore coral reefs around the world: protect impacted areas, carry out reef studies using new technologies, identify and enhance local resources, set up our workshops in order to produce locally while creating jobs.

lace as support

Jérémy Gobé and his partners continued a first research protocol between March 2018 and the end of 2019. This protocol has shown that cotton lace is a potential substrate for the fixation of the coral and the recruitment of its larvae which must however continue to be improved, in particular in terms of yield, so that it can compete with polluting supports. existing (plastics, concrete, ...).


Since the creation of the Corail Artefact project, Jérémy Gobé has been thinking about a 2.0 lace, from fibers even sharper than cotton, impregnated with natural extracts attracting larvae, promoting their grip, metamorphosis and development while warding off harmful competitors such as encrusting algae that are more resistant to temperature changes.


Between mid 2020 and March of this year, new prototypes were made; the tests have just been launched in Guadeloupe in an outdoor aquarium, as close as possible to in situ conditions before experiments in real conditions in 2022.



Coraïbes / Mobilier national / Solstiss / Codif / Polymaris


Ecological concrete structure

Jérémy Gobé and his partners develop ecological, constructible and submersible materials in order to create a structure allowing the coral to rebuild itself where it has been destroyed.

Since the summer of 2019, the first prototypes of these structures have been tested with anemones at the aquarium of Trégastel. This has shown that the latter are conducive to the attachment, perennial fixation and reproduction of cnidarians, without releasing any toxic substance.

Further improved prototypes of these are in progress, intended to be immersed in an outdoor aquarium in Guadeloupe in 2021 before a first in situ installation in 2022.


Coraïbes / Hoffman Green Ciment Technologies / Usine
de Kervellerin.


Aquariology tools

In parallel with the development of lace and an ecological concrete structure, Jérémy Gobé is developing tools for laboratories and individuals to improve the uses and materials used when handling corals. The first tools are tested since the end of 2020 in the laboratory by marine biologists.

Other tools, too, will integrate our next in situ experiments.



Coraïbes / Nausicaa / Blue Living Lab / Polymaris.




plastic containers

Reduce in the short term and replace plastic objects in the long term with objects made from natural and compostable materials.

Action carried by:

Corail Artefact Art & Design

▲ Support by :

Corail Artefact Science et Technology

Corail Artefact Endowment Fund

2. remplacer

In France, we use 25 million plastic bottles every day. These containers are for single use; only a small part is recyclable. The rest is either buried or dumped in our oceans. Degradation in nature is slow, rejects toxic particles like endocrine disruptors, etc. All of this contributes to the acceleration of the harmful effects of global warming.

Corail Artefact offers an ecological alternative to plastic objects, made from biopolymers (PLA type), materials made from corn, sugar beet or bacteria. Although products made from these materials look like plastic, unlike plastic, they are completely bio-based, industrially compostable and / or biodegradable, reusable and certified GMO-free.


of plastic packaging

are not recycled


of marine animals

will ingest plastic in 2050


of PLA packaging

is recyclable and compostable

3. sensibiliser



and educate

The educational actions, whether exhibitions of plastic works, conferences, workshops, etc., are not conceived as "communication", but as an integral part of the operational actions, essential to put in place to try to be as efficient as possible.

Action carried by:

Corail Artefact Endowment Fund

▲ Support by :

Corail Artefact Science et Technology

Corail Artefact Art & Design

1. Support and disseminate ...

• Exhibitions, conferences, fairs, prizes and distinctions, etc.

• Educational kits

• Board games

• Tutorials

Developed and produced by Corail Artefact Art & Design in collaboration with Corail Artefact Science & Technology


2. Door ...

The Children Ambassadors project, in collaboration with HS_Projets: a set of scientific, manual and creative activities around coral in classrooms of primaries.

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